Physician Sample Packaging

As a contract pharmaceutical packaging specialist, A+ brings years of expertise working with physician sample packaging and individual OTC sample package distribution as a low cost means to compliment your marketing efforts. Sample medications are provided by manufacturers to physicians to help them introduce patients to new drug therapies.  These medication samples are primarily used as starter supplies, and can be packaged as comprehensive kits with instructions and other marketing literature.

Sample packaging presents an excellent opportunity to incorporate marketing messages that resonate with consumers to increase your drug’s brand awareness and highlight medication benefits.  A+ can help you create a custom physician sample packaging that promotes successful adoption and provides critical drug information.

Look to A+ to provide expert advice and innovative physician sample packaging ideas for your prescription and over-the-counter medications. As an outsourced packaging partner we can accommodate any sample packaging configuration, including single dose or multi-dose regimens, and comprehensive kits with instructions and other marketing literature designed to your specifications.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your physician sample packaging requirements.