Compliance Packaging

A+ provides contract compliance packaging services, including custom blister packaging, cold-formed foil blisters and blister cards for solid unit dose and multi-dose medication therapies.  Our creative packaging solutions are designed to enhance your product’s brand, and improve patient compliance through visual aids and educational materials that prompt patients to correctly take their medications.  As an added benefit, proper medication compliance gives both patients and physicians an opportunity to evaluate a drug’s performance, and encourages timely prescription refills.

A+ can create custom compliance packaging that includes tamper evidence, F=1 child resistance (CR), and senior friendly (SF) - features that will ultimately improve the patient experience.  As an outsourced pharmaceutical packaging partner, we maintain an extensive vendor network for sourcing and turnkey project delivery. We will work with you to quickly and cost effectively design your packaging to promote patient compliance. You can be confident that our packaging and quality assurance processes will meet or exceed compliance with all cGMP practices and FDA regulations.

Learn how our dedicated packaging experts at A+ can help you with your compliance design, printing and packaging needs by contacting us today to discuss your requirements.